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A Word on Parking

Any other day of the year, parking at the Centennial Art Center is as easy. This weekend, however, along with the construction and the Nashville Women's Marathon, there is the Tennessee Arts and Crafts Association Festival happening. This means that parking is going to be a zoo.

What You Should Know

  • Park Police have actually closed off one lane in the main road that runs in a loop around the park. If you plan to park on the Park grounds, you will want to enter the Park (if possible) on the 25th Avenue side-- by the Centennial Sports Complex-- and take the one way loop to Arts Center.
  • You are allowed to parallel park in the closed off lane.
  • There also is some parking both in front of and behind the Art Center
  • The parking lots at HCA on Park Place and the office complex across 25th Ave. should be available to you.
  • Lyft and Uber may be a smart choice

Staying in a Hotel from This Site?

  • A van from Grand Avenue with make a stop by each hotel at least once starting at 4pm.
  • The van is essentially a shuttle to take hotel guests to and from the wedding.
  • The shuttle will run from 4-6pm and from 9-11pm.
  • The shuttle is free, obviously.

We recommend you come as early as possible to avoid parking hassles. We will have the bar open early and lawn games to play and enjoy.